7 May 2014

Just sharing the l o v e around .... here are 4 pretty damn cool things I found online this week....

Brilliant tips on photographing and editing your Project Life spreads by Leanne Allinson.. I have always found this a tricky job because of the shine on the protectors...so I cant wait to try Leanne's method. Thanks so much for sharing Leanne...and Sassy Scrappers.

I stumbled upon this post early one morning as I snuck in my last few blog-land  moments  before rushing out the door ...it struck a chord in my heart...and obviously did with many others too. I had to share...I've no doubt we can all learn something from this beautiful post at "Hands free Mama" ..  I thank her for her words.

Totally connected to THIS on YouTube ... watch it ... we all should.

....and ...last but not least.....and as always... Sarah at "My New Roots" had me salivating as I read this post. For some reason.... salads....particularly brown rice or quinoa salads just make me excited..I love nutty...zingy.. crunchy...oily...healthy salads. This post has recipes that I bookmarked quick smart.

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