13 May 2014

 Its taken me months to get around to sharing my (Heidi Swapp)  Memory Planner album for 2014... 
almost 5 months to be exact.

Last year I had a real love / hate relationship with Project Life.
My thoughts were jotted down here...but in brief I realised the Project Life format I had adopted just wasn't for me...although the I loved the concept and felt recording our life was so important.

Then I saw the Memory Planner for the first time....and decided I wanted to give it a is compact...partially done...and in my opinion far less overwhelming.
Of course I was very rusty with the project life style of its taken me a while to find my groove... I also needed to shelve my 'everything must look perfect' attitude and just get on with it.

So here is where I am at this far....
(for those who haven't seen a memory planner album before... they consist of a page full of prompts and a calendar page for notes.... with a plastic divided sleeve sandwiched in between for your photos and memorabilia. You can see them in detail here... and see some of the amazing work by Heidi's Media Team in their Memory Planners here.)

So I began January a little rusty.... but nevertheless....I recorded it.
I added in my Project 365 collage from my phone and some other little notes ..
My poor baby had her wisdom teeth out this month...and looking back now its a reminder of how swollen and miserable she was.

I got a little into the swing by February...
I stuck with my plan of adding my Project 365 collage...and also added some artwork of the girls.I even added some interactive flappy bits to hide more of my notes.

Then came the mammoth month of March....
I had SO much I wanted to include..that I ended up going totally crazy with interactive flaps..and added in a Heidi Fotostack so I could include lots and lots of photos.
I think one of the coolest things about March...other than Henrys birthday and escape2create retreat was meeting Heidi and Kim at the Spotlight Craft Month event in Adelaide and getting their autographs right here in my planner album.

Then it was April...and finally I felt as though my confidence had grown...and I was settling into the process...I had let go of the hatred of my handwriting and embraced it instead.
I also took advantage of Heidi's monthly memory planner free printable for the first time...and inspired by Kim I added in a QR code and some little cards and notes I had received using a bulldog clip pinned to the spiral binder.

...and now its May..
I'm excited about adding my memories and notes no matter how small...scribbled in my own writing... with a collection of the everyday little bits and pieces of our lives.
I am also loving catching sight of other memory planner albums as I fritter away some of my leisure time online. 


  1. Oh I love your album Mardi! I've never seen the memory planner before. Poor Briony! I can barely recognise her! how does she still manage to somehow look gorgeous?!! Boy you should have seen me when I had my wisdom teeth out. I was about twice as swollen and Briony, more on one side than the other, and SOOOOOOOO ugly! It was quite hilarious actually! I took photos too cos it was so funny!

    1. They are very cool Yvette.... I wasn't sold on them until I saw them in real life....and then saw Kim J' can pretty much add as little or as much as you like. I gave it a few months to truly see how I felt....and I like it....its not overwhelming....and if I had a busy month....I could just stick in some photos...hand-write a few things and Id be done. Oh no....I can not believe you could ever fall into the ugly category...not ever! I wonder why some people swell so much ....Jarrad also had his out a month after Briony and his swelling was a LOT less...poor Briony looked tight...shiny and so miserable. She is going to be a tad upset I shared her photos...I'm already ducking for cover...haha

  2. Mardi I have never been keen to do this before but after seeing this wow I want to do it.Where did you get your book from I want to get one for me and a friend ...thanks you really inspire m to do things when I should be ironing and washing and cleaning THANKS-love dee x

    1. Oh Dee you are funny..
      I am so happy to distract you from your washing and cleaning....haha
      They are a fabulous idea arent they.
      I believe some Spotlight stores may stock them ...but a friend of mine had difficulty locating one I asked Kim Jeffress who is on Heidis Media Team and she suggested Sassy Scrappers or Scrapping Clearly .... and there may be other onlione stores that stock them too. I hope that may be helpful.
      Good luck finding one.. they are a lovely way to record memories.
      Mardi x

  3. i LOVE your album and the Project 365 idea was great to include! How did you do your photos for your calendar page?