23 June 2014

 Project life / pocket scrapbooking is so popular these days...
but its not always as easy as it sounds.

I know I struggled with my first year....and my 2013 album sits unfinished.
This year I have been using a Memory Planner album and finding it a lot easier...
but I still can't help feeling a little defeated by it.

That's why I was SO excited about the Jot pockets class at Jot Magazine....
and instead of working on a traditional album...I am using this class to put together a little secret squirrel project for my girls upcoming special birthday.

So in short....

  • If you have been wondering where to begin... procrastinating... unhappy with your pocket scrapbooking or just overwhelmed by it...this is the perfect class for you.
  • The workshop begins on July 6th... but pre-season tasks are waiting now as a warm up.
  • Registration is open now ... so make sure you register before the class kicks off.
  • Workshop runs for 6 weeks... we begin and finish together.
  • There are lots of lovely sponsors and prize giveaways.
It would be so awesome to have you join us....the more the merrier.


  1. I am really looking forward to the Jot Pockets class too Mardi .Creating a special album is a wonderful idea - I put together an 18th album for Gem last year using PL and need to go back to add more details to it.

    1. That's wonderful you are joining us Kirsten.
      I bet your album for Gem is just beautiful... I love that about it too... you can just add in a bit more each year and keep it up to date.
      I am not entirely sure how I will tackle it yet....did you do yours chronologically ? I am wondering if I might just select events and milestones and record those... not too sure yet.
      Mardi xx

    2. I did it chronologically and did a double page for each year. I bought a big box of the design A photo pocket pages as that made it easier to sort/print photos and just chose about 12 photos from each year so I could still put in a few PL cards with some journalling/info about what happened that year. I have already added in extra pages with photos from her 18th birthday and formal too. Can't wait for the class:)

    3. Oh gosh.. I do like the sound of doing it chronologically...I am just worried about my lack of photos in the early years...and a total lack of dating any of them too.
      I think I might attempt it chronologically and see how I go.
      Yeah me too...I'm keen to kick off.
      Thanks for being my trail blazer... x