12 July 2014

There is no question about it...I am finding this whole process quicker each month.

I have made myself some short cuts...
  •  at the beginning of each month I make a {Print for PL} file to store all the photos I know I will want to include.
  • At the end of each month I drag all the photos relevant to the month from my phone and add with the others in my monthly folder. I add the best of these to my (print for PL) file.
  • I complete my Project 365 collage and print off - this gives me an awesome list of dates and activities.
  • I get an overall colour theme from the memory planner and my photos...I then grab up some coordinating bits.
  • I remind myself to 'get over' my handwriting...and just add it.
  • Then... inspired my Kim Jeffress... I have been adding any movies we have collected using a QR code. 
So here is our June... all recorded in my Memory Planner...

 Gosh that's a great feeling.... June is done and dusted.


  1. You're so fab Mardi. I wish I hadn't stopped my scrapbooking.. I just felt like I was never caught up tho and found it overwhelming. I still adore your pages Mardi.

    1. Oh Lea... this Memory Planner system is so easy....and has so much already done. I think for those who are time strapped...or just not into the entire 'pile the product on' type of scrapping that these are a brilliant way to record memories. Maybe you would enjoy it too....I can just imagine it brimming with snippets from your blog even?.
      Much love
      Mardi x

  2. Oh, I love this, I haven't really seen one 'done' yet and I love the concept… Yours looks fab! And nothing wrong with your handwriting at all!! I love the idea of the memory planner but couldn't see myself doing it… I still have my December daily sitting on my scrap desk to finish (oh the shame) LOL!! xxx

    1. Mmmm...well I am hearing you....I have a partially completed PL 2013 sitting here too,. it taunts me.
      I have loved this system though...super as much or as little as you want.
      Project Life isnt for everyone...and thats totally cool.... in the pure form its not for me either.... and you record such beautiful memories with your layouts.... thats all that's important.
      mwah xxx

  3. wish I had your hand writing its lovely.i think I may start doing one of these next dee x

    1. Thanks Dee...maybe we all see our own writing differently. I really hope you can jump on board with one next year too. xx

  4. Mardi - Is this the end product in PL or is this your planner to do all in PL - Im confused... LOL

    1. Hi Belinda...So let me explain... this is my end product.
      This year I fell in love with Heidi Swapps 'Memory Planner" system is a pre-made spiral covered album with each month having a similar format... a notes page...a plastic pocket page and a monthly calendar. Its up to you how you use can embellish a lot...or little...but the idea is to just get your memories recorded. For those who love the entire PL system this may be a little limiting...but for those of us (like me) who feel PL is an over-commitment this system is perfect.
      Have a look on Heidis blog...or Kim Jeffress blog for AWESOME examples.
      I hope that has helped?
      Thanks for asking the question and popping by.
      Mardi xx