9 July 2014

Nothing fancy here...
just a navy blue winter tunic for my little Bells to wear to school.
Lex tried to buy one in her size but they had sold out....  so the only option was to make one (or wear the alternate uniform...but she waaaaanted one so badly...and she tugged at my heart..)
.....and as luck would have it...
I had just picked myself up a new (to me) over-locker off 'buy swap and sell'.. bargain!
I was keen to give it a whirl... so I picked up some fabric.. searched online for a pattern and in a couple of hours I had a snuggly warm tunic all set for our littlest school girl.

The pattern I used was from 'Pretty Prudent" and was clear and easy to follow.
I altered the pleats and bodice in line with the school pattern...but the sizing...pattern and method were all from the pattern online.

I have promised Brookie one too... its on my to-do list...and she hasn't forgotten...she reminds me at every visit bless her.

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