To Europe and home again - October 2014

21 November 2014

As many of you know from my Instagram feed we have just returned from the most amazing trip to Europe!
We spent 4 weeks travelling with our dearest buddies... covering (if my Maths is right) 10 countries and 19 cities/towns...we took 8 flights.....4 train trips and stayed in 6 Motels and a cruise ship.

Our itinerary was massive....and the planning that went into it was of a grand scale...almost entirely sorted by my dearest...and most organised friend Donna.

We also have the most incredible travel agent who painstakingly pulls all the details together to make it seamless... transfers from all the difficult airports..motels with wi-fi and that are close to the action...'skip the line' tickets for major attractions...all trains...planes and buses...all booked with plenty of transit time. We cant thank Peter from Sunstate Travel Bundaberg enough...nor can the thanks to Ron and Donna our best mates who liaise with Peter and take care of all the immediate pre-trip tasks ever be enough.

So our itinerary looked like this -
Adelaide - Brisbane
Brisbane to Dubai (via Singapore)
Dubai - Barcelona (Spain)
Barcelona - Regal Princess Cruise ship
Toulon (France)
Pisa / Florence (Italy)
Rome (Italy)
Naples (Italy)
Cruise past Gallipoli
Istanbul (Turkey)
Kusadesi (Turkey)
Athens (Greece)
Venice (Italy)
Off the ship - train to Lucerne (via Milan)
Mt Pilatus (Switzerland)
Munich (Germany)
Dachau (Germany)
Bath / Salisbury / Stonehenge (U.K)
Paris (France)
Somme Battlefields (France)
Brisbane - Adelaide - Home

30 days of action packed sightseeing and memory making!
We all arrived home tired but exhilarated by what we had experienced...and with the realisation that there is just so much MORE we want to see...our talks and dreams of where to go next have already started.

The details of this trip are just too huge for one stay tuned as I wade my way through the photos..and details...and bring to life each of the places we visited one by one.
Thank you to everyone for their beautiful support of our trip ...especially the wonderful comments received on IG.... it was a relief to know I didnt bore the pants off everyone with my daily barrage of photos into the photostream.

Stay tuned... Mardi xx


  1. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Oh my, you must have had a BALL!!!!! Can't wait to see your posts all about it!!!!!! {long time reader - a scapper - posting from a different blog name}

    1. We sure did have a seems surreal now. (I had a little read of your sorry to hear of the terrible time you are having.) I am also curious...trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together...and I'm sure I'll have a doh! moment.

  2. Ahh travel, I haven't been too far, but it's addictive! Looking forward to reading more Mardi!! xxx

    1. It sure is Ali....I'm always envious of your Bali adventures too...I hope to visit there one day too. xx

  3. I loved seeing all your photos on Instagram and can't wait wait to hear more about your trip. It looked so amazing!

    1. I realised in order to post about my holiday I have to edit almost 2000 photos....eeeek.
      That must be the sign of a great holiday.
      Would love to catch up again Allie
      Mardi xx