Europe 2014 - Toulon - France

9 December 2014

6th October
How amazing to be up early…and on deck at 6.30am in Toulon in southern France. The sun wasn't quite up so we had breakfast on the deck as the sun rose and watched the views of Toulon appear around us. 
(Donna...I stole some of your amazing pics...hope that's OK..{insert blowing kiss face})
Toulon is the base for the French Mediterranean naval fleet. So we were treated to scores of marines jogging in their bright red shirts as we took the short taxi trip into Toulon centre. 

This was a quieter day… we phoned home and chatted to the kids which was wonderful.
I was able to tell Bella that we were in France... her "home country" (earlier in the year she had convinced herself and an SSO at the school that she was a 'French girl' because she could talk French.. her vocabulary consisted of a very convincing Bonjour!"

I had always wanted to see my name in print...haha

We took the cable car to the top of Mount Faron (584m) for a spectacular view of the harbour... put some perspective on the size of our “Regal Princess” as we looked down on her in the Port.

We wandered the laneways…. Stopped a couple of times for coffee…

and the most delicious baguette for lunch.  

I noticed in one of the bakeries a bun with what appeared to be apricots and honey on top…it was covered in bees in the cabinet. How amazing is that!

The marina filled with sailboats was picturesque... there were restaurants all along the waters edge...

We caught the harbor Ferry back to the ship... and although we were tired from the pace so far..
we were all relaxed and happy and feeling so lucky.
We ended the day saying fareewell to France for now....
next stop Italy.

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