Europe 2014 - Naples - Italy

3 January 2015

9th October  - Naples Italy.

What an amazing morning in Naples…as we sat in our usual spot on the deck for breakfast…all the buildings appeared to be in ochre / white tones… absolutely beautiful.
We caught a ‘dodgy taxi’ too Pompeii … he seemed nice enough… but I don’t think any of us felt entirely confident that we weren't about to be ripped off or charged an exorbitant fee. 
It all turned out fine…we got to Pompeii and returned to Naples without incident.
Pompeii was everything I imagined and more. 

There is so much uncovered and open for exploration…and yet apparently it’s only the tip of the iceberg.. as 3/4s of the city still remains covered. 
Pompeii was buried under a blanket of ash 4 – 6 metres deep when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79AD.

I did a little reading and discovered that Mount Vesuvius erupted six times in the 18th century, eight times in the 19th century and in 1906, 1929 and 1944… 
that seems to be a scary list of frequencies to me…eeek.

(Thats us ...with Mount Vesuvius in the background)

The streets seemed to tell the story of life back in the day...we could see the wheel ruts in the stone from the chariots...and those stepping stone blocks in the distance were used to cross the streets which were often flooded with water and waste,

The collection of relics was sobering... it made it feel so real when we saw the casts of bodies depicting just how their last moments were. There were also huge collections of urns..pots and other bibs and bobs from the day. 
The other striking find on our wanders through the streets was these amazing artworks still remarkably intact on some of the walls...I just cant believe they were painted 2000 years ago!

Our afternoon was spent in Naples…with a delicious pizza lunch…of course we had to try pizza in Naples…being the city of its origin. 
This was Ian's ....topped with fresh seafood.

We also had an Italian coffee experience… there is no such thing as a take-away cup… takeaway means standing at the counter and drinking your coffee.
They sure know how to make a good brew though.

We just never got tired of the street views...
Everywhere was lively...colorful...and vibrant....
So so different to little old country South Australia where we live.

Street sellers...always street sellers...
Naples we loved you.... 
another memorable day.


  1. I've loved reading your posts and looking at all your fantastic photos, they really capture the essence of the places you visited. It looks like an incredible holiday :)

    1. Thanks Allie....Ive loved writing the posts and reminiscing the memories...its been such a bonus to have so many lovely comments too. Looking back now I realise just how amazing it was.
      Mardi xx

  2. 'the streets seemed to tell the story' I LOVE that! So true and again you can totally imagine life in this incredible city. Love the picture of you an Ian as well.