Europe 2014 - Athens - Greece

2 February 2015

14th October –
I'm beginning to think there will never be a need for a coat on this holiday….I bought a beautiful Witchery jacket which I've been hanging out to wear.
But Athens Greece has turned on the weather…its perfect and definitely not coat weather.

Today we very quickly secured a taxi driver (Chris) to chauffeur us for the day. This turned out to be a great plan as Athens was chaotic and crowded and we would never negotiated ourselves around like Chris did.

Our highlights included..
 “Temple of Olympian Zeus”   this is the largest of the ancient temples of Athens dedicated to the god Zeus....ruler of the Olympian gods. 
The temple was built between 472 and 456BC and took 700 years to complete.

The Acropolis .. I was not prepared for how huge this ..its dominating…and was quite a climb up very crowded steps to the top but once atop the views were spectacular. 

The monuments at the top – THE Parthenon and Erectheum are in varying stages of preservation and have withstood time quite well considering they were constructed in c. 495 – 429 BC

Ancient Roman Agora – these ruins were once the heart of Athenian life .. it was the center for markets.. civics and justice.

The Old Olympic Stadium… was built on the foundations of the  4th century BC arena and originally had wooden seating… in 329 BC it was rebuilt in marble and in 140AD it was enlarged and renovated to give seating capacity for 50000. It  hosted its first games in 1896 and then gain in 2004.

The Plaka district looked so cool and interesting and we would have loved to have stopped …wandered and shopped…but it was already a jam packed day and the traffic was NUTS.

 Such an awesome day in Athens.

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