February 2015 - a review

16 March 2015

The highlights on our February calendar were...

I went along to the girls school acquaintance night because Mummy and Daddy were working... it was so lovely to see their pride in their work and classrooms.

The painting of walls continued.... according to Ian the house is shrinking slowly with the amount of paint on these walls.

Brayden turned 2 - Grumps and Grammy were staying....so Briony and Granny made cupcakes and we headed to the river where Brent and Alex were camping ..
it was a beautiful night on the river bank. 

Briony and Jarrad spent a week in Bali... with Hannah...Kate and Kate...
they had the BEST time.

Briony bought herself a new car.... its identical to my old one...it makes me wistful.

Ian and I had a very eventful weekend at Hanging Rock for the Eagles concert.


  1. Brayden's face! CLASSIC boy's face. He looks like he would keep everyone on their toes, just like my boys!

    1. You are dead right Kathryn....he is a TYPICAL boy!! He has us all on the run! (We love our boys though hey)
      Mardi x