Home decor style...

8 March 2015

Do you ever wonder "What is my HOME DECOR style?"

I have been pondering this very question a LOT of late....
It seems that although I know what I like and what I don't.... not everything I like goes together...and that's frustrating and confusing.

So how do I incorporate various looks  into my home and make it gel together...like its a style?
What is my style?
What choices should I make...and what colours should I stick to?

So today I did a spot of googling... and found myself some quizzes..
Surely a quiz wont lie..
surely a quiz will make it all a lot clearer right?

These are the results..


Ummmm....so now its clear as mud...
I'm either
Vintage modern....light and timeless...modern country or rustic.

I am thinking the Vintage Modern sounds a lot like me.

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