T H R I F T Y find = New S K I R T S

28 June 2015

 The minute I spotted these fabrics in our local Op shop I knew the girls would love them.
So I outlaid my $7.00 and tucked them under my arm.

Decisions were made...
Brooke wanted the red and yellow....
Bells opted for blue and orange...
waists were measured...and fabric cut...
my thrifty heart was happy when everything I needed was already in my stash.
In a matter of hours they both had a new skirt..
and twirling could begin. 


  1. Great job. They look gorgeous. What about Brayden?

    1. I know Sue.... I thought that too..... perhaps I'll whip him up a new pair of duds to keep the score even..haha

  2. A very cute collage! I love it

    1. Thanks Sian....they were easily prompted for photos... any chance to twirl and they were in!


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