Our April in review..

9 June 2015

Oopsies... somehow April slipped by....

The kids camped on the River for Easter.... I worked.. so no camping for us....but we did call down for some visits and some camp fire meals.

Ian and I spent a weekend in Melbourne with friends Keryn and Darryl.... we had a fabulous time... lots of restaurants...walking... footy ...shopping and we took a ride on the Melbourne star for an amazing view of the city. We also took the tram down to St Kilda for a visit to the Block open house...we didnt queue to go in...but we soaked up some of the hype and saw the block stars in person.

Briony arrived home from Uni / Adelaide for a stay... it was stressful as she had so many enormous assignments to finish....somehow...after many a late night /early morning she got them all handed in.

I finished off Brionys patchwork quilt for her....it looks awesome!!

We had pendant lights installed in the kitchen...so much nicer than the cruddy old down-lights.

I joined the gym again....and threw myself in ... boots and all.

I dug out the Mary Mary quilt I had begun some time ago and decided it was time to finish it.

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