June 2015 - a Review

23 July 2015

 I know my family love reading these posts more than just looking at layouts..
so for that reason.... here was our June...
* I took part in the Dirt War Survivor event.

* Ian and I spent a Sunday driving to Wentworth via the old coach road.

* After a search spanning many years I stumbled across an old school reader that Ian has wanted for ever....it is now deemed almost as precious as his treasured 'moon book'

* I stitched Mitch a lap quilt using all the T shirts he left behind when he moved out.

* I bought a stack of Jigsaws from Buy Swap and Sell.... the girls were delighted especially when they realised they all featured fairies.

* Brayden became 'train' mad.

* We kicked off some scrapbooking with friends again ...  The lovely girls at Shabby Chic Shack helped me with a layout kit and the girls loved it.

* Briony was home from Uni on placement at Glossop Primary.... that meant lots of time spent with the kids... baking...playing...and cuddling.

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