#2 - Too much stuff - progress

25 August 2015

I have been slowly working toward a home and life with 'less stuff'..
it began when I decided once and for all I needed to address my hidden clutter.
I was the queen of 'neat on the surface' when every cupboard needed overhauling.

I bought and devoured Marie Kondos book..
"The life changing magic of tidying up"
and I wrote my first blog post about what I was intending to do.
You can read that ((here))

So I started and all was well....for awhile...
then some road-blocks emerged.
Clothes were easy.... books were too.... but papers had me stumped....not the 'sorting or getting rid of' aspect.... but more how I was going to manage them from this day forward.

I rushed out and bought a new filing cabinet...then immediately regretted it...seeing as now I had less papers than every before so I hardly needed a larger cabinet to keep them.
I ummmed and ahhhed and googled and searched for ideas on how other people kept their papers...
finally I settled on binders for the important stuff...
and a smaller filing cabinet to keep tax papers and that important...need to keep memorabilia.

It was around this time that I became 'stressed and overwhelmed' by the process...
even though I had made good progress to this point... my head was spinning with all I still had to tackle...and I was lost at what to tackle next.

So I searched for some specific lists...even though it didn't quite suit me...
I really liked the list compiled by Juju Sprinkles.. so I printed it out ...took a deep breath and reminded myself... "you can DO this"

Looking back... I have made progress... so I have to be happy with that!



3 garbage bags to Vinnies

Shoes and Handbags

I reduced the bags to 6 shoulder bags..two cloth bags and one tote..
all the rest went to Vinnies.
I discarded about 10 pairs of old shoes...and sold one beautiful pair of brown leather boots that were too large.

Books (including recipe)
My discard pile was small actually... hubby rescued a couple more...but the others are still here waiting for a trip to Vinnies.

eeek...I had SO many...
I gave away over 100 scrapbooking and fabric craft type magazines....seriously I had that many...
I kept all of the magazines I have layouts published in.... and all my 'Real Living' mags..
the rest are all gone...and it feels great!!

I will...I will....I will finish off papers!


  1. Magazines..such a weakness of mine. I need to clear mine out too!

    1. They were SO hard to part with....but I do truly feel better now that I have less. I also loved seeing the joy they gave when I passed them on to a new scrapbooker who was keen for inspiration.