Jot issue - Quick layout

7 August 2015

I love the mixed bag...ephemera type packs that often come out with paper collections these days... they are full of gorgeous bits and pieces that just fill a spot. 
I have noticed that my collection is growing at a rate faster than I can my challenge in
 Jot Magazine issue 10  was to ...

"create a layout using as many pieces from a ephemera pack as possible"

So I took a Maggie Holmes pack and filled my layout with lots of gorgeous pieces..

I  hate trying to remember where and what collection all the little pieces came from...
it makes writing a supplies list a nightmare once all the pieces are emptied into the bowls on my desk... but then I had a light-bulb moment...I began saving all the back of packs and clipped them onto a ring and now I have easy reference on hand when I need it.
(Yeah....everyone probably does that already....but it was an epiphany for me)

I also keep the front of packs...
They make the best little disposable paint trays!
Can you tell I hate waste.


  1. Hi Mardi .. I don't think my first comment published as I wasn't logged into Google!

    Your layout is gorgeous and I love the tip to keep all the backs of the packets together on a ring for easy reference!!

    1. Ahhh the google log -in trap! Ive had that problem before too.

      I know its a super simple tip...but it truly has helped me no end.