July 2015 - a review

19 August 2015

I know my Mum and Dad always love these posts....
so this is for them.
This is how our tribe spent July...

There was lots of drawing and practicing sounds.

I celebrated a pretty special birthday.. which was made incredibly special but the surprise arrival of our dearest QLD friends....and a weekend in Adelaide with all the kids as well.
I had no idea... the surprise just kept growing by the minute...
Thankyou so much everyone for all your love and sneakiness.

Brent bought the kids a buggy...they have been having a lot o fun.

I was spoil with a beautiful Kilim rug by Ian and the kids for my birthday....I LOVE it SO much.

Brayden and I hung out together for a few days while Mummy was at TAFE placement.

We had morning tea at the Play-space.

I began the Konmari tidying method and tackled my wardrobe.

Ordered our Veg from Riverland fresh

and a quadrillion other little moments.... that made July such a special month.

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