Layout share from Jot Magazine issue 11

16 September 2015

Last week I shared my thoughts on the Minc foil applicator... and the projects I created as part of a special Jot feature... celebrating the amazingness of Heidi brilliant Minc machine.

This week I just wanted to share the remainder of my projects...
as seen in ... the mixed media gallery.
I am not much of a mixed media type girl.... but I do LOVE watercolours...
and my favourite technique of late has been to clear emboss first...and then add the watercolour over top which gives it a beautiful 'resist' effect.
I also added a second layer of subtle stamping over the top after it dried... is it OK to say I really liked the outcome.

This layout was one of my favourites just because I am totally smitten with the journalling.
It is part of the 'Just my type' gallery.
I find zodiacs / star signs so intriguing... it has to be more than coincidence that the kids all reflect their personalities so accurately. If you are interested in checking out your own children.. or yourself of course... I found my information at

I tried another look for the 'Just my Type' gallery...and built my page around text papers from a book..that beautiful cut file was created from an Ali Edwards brush file.

Gosh this layout tested me...
It was created for a 'Jot Recipes' gallery...
I chose 'Love Potion'...and then wondered why the heck I did...scrapping on Kraft is not the easiest for me...and I struggled to steer it away from looking too festive.
In the end.. I went with a fun...bright layout of our littlest chickens.

This final layout was part of a 'favourite photo' gallery...
I think it speaks for itself.... simple photo....simple layout....

Thanks for all the lovely support of Jot Magazine... Its an absolute joy to be a Jot girl...

Each comment either here on my blog...or through the Jot Magazine or my own Instagram feed is really appreciated.
Of course...nobody scrapbooks for accolades... 
we scrapbook to get our photos...memories and stories told.... but I think we would all be lying if we didn't admit to getting a buzz from a positive comment every now and then.


  1. I especially love the one with the book pages, I just have to pin it :)

    1. Awwww thanks so much Sian... xx

  2. I just came over from Pinterest because/thanks to Sian's pin! I love your pages here but especially the one she pinned :) It's so gorgeous and full of meaning. Love it!

    1. I love Pinterest too .. it opens my life up to endless inspiration...knowledge and ideas..I feel pretty chuffed you stumbled across my layout and said hello. (That particular layout is a real favourite of mine... it tells such a beautiful story)

  3. Beautiful layouts - so much inspiration here! So glad I stumbled upon your blog.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Stephanie ... x

  4. Goodness the girls are getting so grown up! I love the photo of them in the last layout :)

    1. They are Allie.... its ridiculous!!
      I'd love to catch up again one day..xx