The Heidi Swapp 'Minc' and Jot Magazine issue 11

12 September 2015

I can't begin to tell you just how much I LOVE love love... the Heidi Swapp Minc foil applicator. 
I wasn't even aware of how much I loved FOIL until the Minc arrived.

Let me tell you... 
there were some pretty excited moments as I played around and discovered the 
possibilities and results.
Do you know....not only is there a HUGE range of product available especially for the Minc....but you can also create your own using a laser jet printer.

If you are wanting to know more...
there are some brilliant tutorials and videos created by Heidi and her amazing media team 
available on Heidis Blog 

I have also started squirreling ideas into my Heidi (L O V E ) Pinterest  board
just in case you are looking for inspiration...although Heidis blog will keep you reading for days.

So my first little project is one I ABSOLUTELY adore...
Its a mini book of some of my childhood photos... these poor old photos hadn't seen the light of day for many it was quite a trip down memory lane as I sorted through them ..recalled the memories and gave them all a pretty new home.

As you can imagine....I had a few giggles along the way too...

I found I loved both the 6 x 6 and 12 x 12 foiled papers...
as well as the chipboard pieces and butterflies...and because I used a repeat colour palette it came together so easily....everything coordinated so beautifully.

As I was creating my mini book I fell in love with the idea of creating a layout using a sheet of the foiled 12 x 12 paper.
I chose this repeat cross pattern and foiled it in the blue foil.
Although the shiny texture of the paper is resistant to watercolour it dries well on the I added some spots.
The little foiled chipboard embellishments are super sweet.... I think maybe I already mentioned that.

Its so hard to give the foiled effect its true justice in photos...
the camera doesn't capture the shine like the eye does...
but take my word...
the Minc really does make things shiny and beautiful.

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