The ZEBRA Question?

14 November 2015

I often wonder the same thing...
Am I good with bad habits? - or bad with good habits?
Am I happy with sad days? - or sad with happy days?
and am I neat with sloppy days? - or sloppy with neat days?

Does it even matter?



  1. Anonymous5:36 am

    It's funny that you should post this right after our trip to the zoo where we spent quite a bit of time trying to decide of the Zebra's were white with black stripes or black with white stripes. In the end we decided that they are white with black (these ones were brown) stripes but really, that it didn't matter. The Zebra's were still beautiful no matter which way their colours went. You my friend, are awesome and it doesn't matter if you have good or bad habits or good or bad days. I think you're fabulous. Much love xxxxxxx