Kraft + Plus challenge - Handwriting.

1 January 2016

                           Hey...what sort of an initiation to the Kraft plus team is this??
                                                                    I mean seriously... 
                    who ever says " lets kick off the new year with a challenge that involves....                                                                       HANDWRITING in your own... handwriting!
All jokes aside though.... it was OK.... I gritted my teeth and wrote the story...
even though every part of my body wanted to begin again using a typewriter.

Its my Grandmas story...and to make it more was her birthday yesterday...
she would have been 97.

The challenge looks like this ....
and all the details and inspiration can be found on the Kraft + Plus blog.


  1. no one likes their own handwriting but I love yours. and I think your handwriting is perfect for the special journalling and adds to the vintagey feel

    1. Thankyou Jane...maybe in this instance it did add that special something to the overall feel.