Memorandum Monday - The wise things kids say.

25 January 2016

Kids can be so wise... so intuitive... and so accepting of the ebbs and flows of life.
Taker this perfect example.

We were at  our local family club for dinner and as usual the girls were passing time patiently by drawing on the back of their place-mats.
 Alex noticed it first... Bells had drawn such cute drawing... 
"Awww Bella ...that's such a sweet little howling dog" 

 Then this....

the sweetest reply....

spoken as though this was completely normal...

 "Yes... last week  I had run out of ideas.....
but I just waited a while and now my heads is full of ideas again"

If only I could take that advice on board....instead of pushing and pushing for inspiration ...resulting in frustration when I am lacking. sigh!

...and in the spirit of sharing....Miss Chook has some of the most beautiful 5 year old ideas as well.

Thanks Sian for your Memorandum Monday prompt.


  1. Aw, this is lovely! And very wise.

    Have a great week Mardi

    1. ...from the mouths of babes..
      You have a great week too Sian x

  2. I do miss those lovely comments - I have 3 teenagers so am lucky to get more than a grunt (and if I do it's because they want something!)

    1. Oh Louise...I know what teens are like.. grunts are the norm. The best bit is they grow up and begin to talk again after a few years. I am now being entertained by grandbabies who are an endless source of inspiration and enjoyment.
      Mardi x