Kids crafting - painting a play mat

18 February 2016

This was the simplest little project..
( but also one of the messiest!)

I have this huge roll of brown heavy weight paper ...I am not even sure where it came from but it is a rather large roll..and excellent for making.

We set up outside..
changed into the oldest clothes we could find...
marked out a basic outline..
mixed up our paint..
and made ourselves a play mat.
We began with a long black road...
the biggest Miss B painted a dark green paddock with a big blue pond.
the littlest Miss B painted a pale green paddock with flowers..
and Mr B painted a motocross track...(he really did like that brown paint)
Once all the painting was done... it was time for a bath with a lot of scrubbing ..that paint gets around!

It works really well with the plastic animals... duplo trains... matchbox cars and folds up to store away easily.

 Love an easy project.

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