Memorandum Monday - Hair care products...

1 February 2016

Hello and happy Monday!
Monday means its  "Memorandum Monday" day
 ... which for those who don't a blog prompt I've been playing along with the last few weeks. It makes me think....makes me appreciate....and I may just learn a thing or two.
In fact I have,

So this week I have been thinking about hair care products...
or rather my unsuccessful search for a product that suits me.

So rather than posting about what I've learnt....I'm posting about what I am yet to learn.

"There must be a product out there that's perfect for me !"

I am not joking...I could start up a road-stall with all the partially used bottles of shampoo / conditioner and styling product (which in itself is laughable since I am the most un-styled person I know)

The most frustrating part is.....I am not even entirely sure what all the allergy triggers are.. how ridiculous is that! I mean...surely I could take a little time and try and narrow it down?
Its just not that easy though....sometimes I can use something for a week or so...then slowly the itch will begin. Other times I'm itching before I get out of the shower.

I even tried the 'no-shampoo' look...
apparently after a few weeks the natural oils do their job and your hair looks luscious and beautiful. 
Ummm....well not this mop of fine....thin ...dry hair.
It looked like I had stepped off the set of Vikings.

So..its back to the drawing board as my latest "I think this is the one!' has failed...
I know to avoid...sulphates...parabens...some fragrances.... but I also need to avoid lavender.. citrus...salicylates...oats... and a number of other so called 'naturals'..
its a treacherous and expensive search.

Has anyone got any suggestions?


  1. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Hello my friend, have you ever tried Moo Goo? Apparently it is milk based and works wonders on psoriasis so might work for you. You poor thing. I can ask at work for you too for any suggestions. Hope you find a solution and something that works wonderfully for you xx

    1. Thanks my friend for prompting my thoughts this way again. I have used some Moo Goo cream before but it didn't suit me... luckily it was perfect for Brookie so it didnt go to waste. However that cream wasn't the same as the I would be silly to discount it. I see they have a travel pack available online....I think Ill order and give it a go. Thanks again for the suggestion. x

  2. Anonymous3:18 pm

    That's really frustrating! I'm not sure what is in the Beauty and the Bees shampoo/conditioner soaps, but they're all natural and are lovely on your hair, if the products suit. I think you should be able to see the ingredients on their website too and order online,
    Mel x

    1. Thankyou so much Mel for the suggestion. I hadn't heard of Beauty and the Bees I spent quite a bit of time this morning on their site and I was very impressed. Ive popped in an order of a few things to try. I love their philosophy to products and the reviews were excellent. I cant wait for my products to arrive now.
      Thanks again...Mardi x

    2. Anonymous6:32 pm

      oh YAY, that's wonderful. I've been using a few of their products off and on for quite a few years now. My kids grew up on their baby range - the bath milk and massage oil for babies is heavenly! I hope you find something that works x

  3. That sounds really frustrating! Sorry I don't have any good suggestions: the milk based one sounds intriguing, though. I hope putting this out there will give you an answer and then you'll know something you didn't know before :) Have a good week Mardi

    1. It is very frustrating Sian.... but its not the end of the world in the big scheme of life I guess. I have already had a couple of suggestions that were worth following I am grateful for that.
      Mardi x

  4. Oh my, that's quite a collection of products! Have you tried shampoos specifically for babies? Maybe they would have less chemicals in them. Just a thought.

    1. I have tried various ones Deb... however some of them contain the same nasties as adult ones. I am waiting on some MooGoo to try from what I have read they make some awesome products for babies and adults. Another great product I have read about is Pineapple Heads (or something like that) so its great to see some companies are taking it seriously and making changes. Thanks for popping in with a suggestion...its very appreciated. Mardi x