Currently #4

31 March 2016

(Mr B masters the Snapchat angry rabbit)

Currently #4

Thankful for - Some improvement in my head / chest cold (I rarely get I don't take them well)

Enjoying - a constant stream of Snapchat face swaps...rabbits and funnies. The kids love them too.

Reading - The Mothers group (Fiona Higgins)  - Borrowed the eBook online from the library.

Watching -  Seven year switch 

Podcasts -   an audiobook - 7 (an experimental mutiny against excess.)

Drinking - Coffee and Tulsi tea (not together)

Eating - a huge pot of 'Penicillin chicken' from the Jamie Oliver Superfoods book - delicious.

Wearing - PJs and socks

Making - cord baskets

Paper crafting - Playing along with a GORGEOUS Wilna tutorial . I bought the Spring Collection and while I've been unwell I've thoroughly enjoyed just letting myself go and followed along.

Proud of - Finally mastering the 'print and cut' feature on my Silhouette. I was all "I cant do that!" ...and then... bam....I did it!!

Focused on - Letting things go.... not sweating the small stuff

Hoping to - Feel a surge of 'post head cold' energy soon.

Planning - a long list of things that need to be done..created...uploaded...ticked off before holidays.

Inspired by- Teresa Cutter and her simple tips on gut health.

Learning - its OK to sometimes sit still and just let the crickets chirp.

Wishing - sometimes things were different. (but on the flip side eternally grateful for all I have)


  1. I do hope you are feeling better. Colds can sometimes be the worst thing in the world - I believe moaning can help. I often wonder if colds are not the Universe's way of saying " hey you, slow down".

    1. haha you made me laugh...I think Ive got the moaning down pat. I do agree though...its been a chance to stop and rest which I probably needed. x

  2. I like these kind of posts Mardi. I sometimes wish things were different too. X

    1. Thanks Lea... for some reason I always love these posts by others too. I think we all have moments where we wish... but it doesn't take long before we are reminded of how lucky we really are ...and I know you are always a glass half full kind of I try to be.