Easter album - Flashback

28 March 2016

This week I shared a little Easter album project on the Jot Blog. Its a flashback to the past because I made the bones of this album waaaaaay back in 2009.

I'm sure we all have them, they are those albums we make with the very best of  intention, telling ourselves we will add some photos and a story to them every year.
Ummm yeah.... this one lasted two years and then the remaining pages were all prepared but alas, no stories and no photos.
It was time to finish it off and I am so glad I did.
The album I used was a golden oldie by 'Urban Lily' called a secret keeper album if my memory is correct. It had these sweet little pull out extras to the pages which allowed you to tuck some additional photos and stories away as a little secret.
When I made the 'bones' of the album I kept it very simple, maybe I knew that one day I'd be playing catch up and Id be very thankful of that.

It took me just a few hours to search back through the hard drive and select some Easter photos, then pop together a collage in Picmonkey then add them in chronologically.
I even held my breath and used handwriting for my journaling which sped up the process considerably. 

The kids are SO excited with it, there has been lots of memories recalled about our Easter camping and egg hunts.

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