Jot Magazine issue 13

2 March 2016

Its here!!

It blows me away that this incredible magazine is free to read.
The amount of love and detailed attention poured into each page by Kim is incredible.
She calls it her baby....and it is just that... she is nurturing and growing every single issue.
I am very proud to be among talents on the Jot team...
and I know you will love this issue.
I have set myself a coffee date with my Ipad (in my opinion it views best on a tablet) this morning and I am going to read and soak in every single page.


  1. Thanks for sharing the link. It is a fantastic read through. We have something similar, although not as full, Scrapbook & Cards Today. They produce a paper copy & have an online edition. This is the link:

    1. Thanks so much for the link to your magazine Scrapbook and Cards... I really enjoyed having a read and recognised quite a few of the contributors too.