Memorandum Monday - family

21 March 2016

"Wook...wook...there's me!"

"Wook... there's Christmas! 

So much excitement as Mr B showed Great Grandma our Christmas mini book.
In fact he was so excited he forgot all about his initial bout of shyness...there was lots of pointing and frantic page turning along with his intermittent exaggerated false laugh he is so good at of late.

Grandma was the most patient audience...she was all his.
She took no part in other conversations or chores at hand... she just gave him her undivided attention and all the appropriate oohs and ahhs.
He loved it and so did she.

I stopped just briefly as I was rushing to get dinner prepared and reminded myself just how important these moments are... a little Memorandum to myself.

Waving hello to Sian and all the other Memorandum Monday bloggers this week.


  1. Aw, this is lovely! And what a good reminder to all of us to slow down and take notice.

    Have a great week Mardi

  2. I echo Sian's comments. Grandma's are the best & it makes me miss mine even more.

  3. Such precious, precious moments!

  4. I've just learnt that I'm going to be a Grandma later this year and I can't wait to have a little grandchild with which to share moments like this!

    1. Congratulations Deb...that's so exciting. I don't think anything prepares you for how much you will love them....they are so special. x