Memorandum Monday - Praying Mantis babies

4 April 2016

Imagine this..
I am changing the sheets on our bed and notice what looks like a blob of chewing gum stuck to the end of the bed!  Yes...chewing gum!! 
Until I realise it isn't chewing gum at all...its a type of cocoon.

Urgh!! I instantly wish it were chewing gum!

Then.... a little memory pops to the surface... one night during the week before .. I got quite a shock when a praying mantis appeared over the top of the television. Truly it was like something out of a sci-fi movie.  I had wasted no time catching and releasing it outside.... but now I was wondering if this cocoon might have something to do with my late night visitor.

So...I googled away and yes... that blob of chewing gum was actually a praying mantis cocoon.
So I removed it and put it in a jar to see what would happen.

Two weeks went by...nothing...
then this week.... hooley dooley!!
The jar was full... maybe a 100 or more tiny weeny baby mantis.

 So.... what to do?
I feel responsible... and I know nothing about raising these babies.
I released over half to the trees under our pergola...I have no idea how they will fair... it seems they are too small to actually survive...but Im guessing nature has its ways.

The remainder I have in a jar in the kitchen...I'm trying to find bugs small enough for them to eat.. and make sure they don't cannibalize each other but I am not sure of my success yet.
Wish me... (or them)...the best of luck.

This is my Memorandum Monday this week...I am linking in with Sian and the other lovelies who share their experiences each week.


  1. Oh, wow! I do definitely wish you the best of luck raising that lot, you supermum, you!

    1. Im pleased to report....I still have survivors :)

  2. I had to scroll really fast past your photos - I have a great fear of pm's & even photos of them creep me out.

    1. Oh bless you for even stopping then...that takes courage. I feel the same about snakes :(

  3. How awesome! A teachers dream. Last year I found a huge caterpillar that dropped out of the tree. Before returning it, my students looked at it with magnifying glasses and I put it on a piece of glass and we watched it walk around by looking underneath the glass. We were lucky as it was really active. Later in the day..nothing. I love your photos too Mardi. Such an interesting little creature.

    1. You would be the best kind of teacher Lea.. kids love those type of things. I am always intrigued by bugs and I think I've passed that on to the grandbabies. Bella currently has a pet snail in a jar on her desk at school...its affectionately called 'old grandpa'... thankfully her teacher is accepting.

  4. Haha I love it's name!