Project Life 2016 - January

15 April 2016

Broad sweeping statements so often bite us in the butt.
I do believe I might have said Project Life just wasn't for me....I hated the pressure of it...always looming over me like a black cloud. (Dramatic I know)

But then.... along came 6 x 8 sized Project Life...
and all of a sudden I was interested...
its doable...small..hand-sized.
Before I knew it...Sassy scrappers had an order...and I was the proud owner of an awesome little album and quite a pile of assorted pages.

My process?
I'm all about my iPhone will be my go-to camera.
This also means I can access Apps on the go to speed up the process.

I use and love...'Collect' for daily recording and
 'Becky Higgins Project life' for printing filler cards and journaling.

My other goal is to reduce my product each month I will be using whatever I have on hand.

4 months in...I'm enjoying it very much.... I might have to eat my words.


  1. Your album/project looks like you are having fun with it, which is what it is all about. I also do a form of Project Life, in the 12X12 format & only because it goes with the other album sizes & I am all about the matching. I usually do my PL update on a monthly basis, but sticking little post it notes through the empty month pages, so I get an idea of what photos I need for which event.

    1. I always think I should mark out with post-it notes or similar..but I find I don't get around to it and then get to the end of the month and wish I had. I do find the collect app on my phone useful for recording dates though. Its like a little memory jogger.
      Isnt it matter the format... that we are capturing and recording these moments.