Memorandum Monday - Slippery Elm

9 May 2016

Just a quick one today.
Life has been such a blur of late... we have a rather large holiday looming which seems surreal to be honest. So the last few weeks have been crammed with all those things that need ticking off... visiting family...and catching up on deadlines.

So I was thinking about  my Memorandum Monday....and thinking my life had been all a bit to mundane to even find something to report when I spotted my bottle of Slippery Elm on the bench.

You see....on and off over the last few years I've struggled with what I very professionally call a 'burny stomach'
Its not heartburn.... its more like a dull burning gastric annoyance.
It comes and goes but when its bad I live on Rennies chewables for relief.
I do think stress is a factor.

So I popped by the health food shop and asked if they had any suggestions...
and they very quickly pointed me in the direction of Slippery Elm.

Slippery Elm contains mucilage which is a substance that becomes a slippery thick gel when it mixes with water. It coats and soothes and protects against damage and inflammation.

A few weeks in I can notice such a difference already.
If 'burny stomach' is a complaint we share....I say...give Slippery Elm a go.

This is my last Memorandum Monday for a month or so.. holidays are calling.
Thanks Sian and Monday Memo girls...Ive enjoyed joining in over the last few months.


  1. I'm delighted to hear that the Slippery Elm is helping!

    Bon Voyage Mardi x

    1. Thanks Sian.... two more shifts at work and we will be off....x

  2. Have a wonderful holiday. Look forward to photos and commentary.

    1. Thanks so much seems surreal but also very exciting...xx