Currently # 7

6 July 2016

Currently #7

(ahhh...those holiday memories)

Thankful for - The most amazing holiday memories of the British Isles and Northern Europe. Its hard to believe we have been home three weeks already.

Reading - Angel in the Rubble - Genelle Guzman-McMillan

Watching - Game of Thrones season 6

Podcasts - Shiny Healthy You

Inspired by - Keep in mind project - Melissa Stainwald - what a courageous and gut wrenching story but with such hope and possibility.

Wondering - about ceasing my blogging.... this would be the first time since I began that I am seriously considering it.

Making - "tweet tweet.... birds chirping" in other words... nothing.

Paper crafting - Jot projects and the beginning thoughts of a holiday album.

Focused on - eating well and moving every day.

Hoping to - Learn a new skill or craft. I feel the need for a new passion.

Planning - meals and freezer backups.

Learning - Yoga and maintaining a daily practice.

Wishing - I was braver... had more faith... and didn't talk so much.


  1. So good to see you last weekend at E2C....wasn't it wonderful!! and please don't give up on your blogging!! I am so keen to see your holiday story, you are such an inspiration here....blogging, crafting, good health.. xxxx

    1. It was wonderful to see you Sue.... I always love our little catch-ups...although we didn't get to chat as much as usual this time. However...e2c was amazing as usual and I feel so blessed to be there...and among such lovely women.
      Thanks about my blogging... you are too kind.... I will mulll it a little longer before my final decision. xxx

  2. Now that i've found instagram I think about stopping blogging too..but then we would never have met without blogging, so I don't know what to do either

    1. Thats so true Sian....and I have always thought what a great journal of our lives it is. I love reading yours Sian... you are a wordsmith... its interesting...and it appears written effortlessly....I often struggle with words and I fear it appears tapped with the boring stick...haha

  3. Hope you keep blogging as I love your posts :-) I have barely blogged in the last year but thinking of re doing your list for myself now :-) Looking forward to seeing your holiday scrapping :-) MWAH!!

    1. This is from me :-) Meredith xx

    2. Thankyou Meredith.... It sometimes seems hard to juggle it all... these list are a breeze though...and I enjoy looking back at them....maybe I could just make every blog post a 'list' sort of post... mmm.. thinking. I will be popping by to see your lists too...Id love that.
      Mardi x

  4. another steller list - your wishes for more bravery, more faith coul/is on my list. Please do not give up blogging. Oh yes & cool photo of the hairy cattle

    1. Thankyou.... your words means a lot. xx


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