29 July 2016

Currently #8

Thankful for - Catch-up TV ...yep keeping it simple today. I am a 'The Bachelor' fan..and hate missing it when I work night shift.

Reading - Claiming Noah - Amanda Ortlepp

Watching - The Bachelor and Offspring

Podcasts - Low Tox Life - Alexx Stuart

Inspired by - My sock knitting friends.... they look so hard... I mean do you get two identical socks?? How do you make them fit your feet? Two of my lovely Instagram friends Mel at  onecraftymumma  and Sian at fromhighinthesky both knit amaaaazing socks...and I am so tempted to sneakily give them a go.

Wondering - Why on earth I have suddenly got a taste for chocolate after not barely touching it for over 12 months!! Why? why? why? does that happen??

Making - Nope... no making... just reading.

Paper crafting -  Jot projects....  but BADLY in need of gorgeous new product....must start browsing and shopping.

Focused on - Stopping eating that bl00dy chocolate!!

Hoping to - Find some woollen fabric to begin a project I have in mind that uses my gorgeous woven travel patches.

Planning - a weekend away.

Learning - to pre-cook and freeze meals for when I don't feel like it later. I have been loving the simplicity of grabbing a frozen meal from the freezer on the way to work. The only downside is our tiny freezer.

Wishing - Winter would move on....I'm definitely ready for spring and summer....its been too cold this year.


  1. With your flair for colour and pattern I bet you could come up with some gorgeous sock ideas. Seriously, it is one of those things which looks harder than it is and once you have done one pair you won't be able to stop. Check out Winwick Mum's blog for starter ideas: she has a FB group too

    1. Oh thanks for the tip on the starter sock blog....I have popped a pin to Pinterest to remind me where to go back to if I ever get brave enough. Its nice to have a potential craft mulling in my head though.... the idea will grow over time I bet.

  2. ps: i want to look at more pre preparation and freezing. I've been looking on Amazon at those cookery books where you plan ahead and prepackage vegetables for the slow cooker

    1. Oh yes!! I have pinned quite a few of those ideas on Pinterest....its a brilliant idea... however...I haven't done it yet. I am feeling so chuffed with myself for using up the seasonal vegetables like pumpkin at the moment and stockpiling pots of pumpkin soup and roasted pumpkin for later. I would love to hear how you go if you do buy the book and give it go.