T R A V E L - B E L F A S T

2 August 2016

I have popped up a few more travel posts on my travel blog .... TRAVEL....REPEAT.

Including a post  all about our day in Belfast and countryside.....  but I did want to specially mention this moment from our trip.

Its one of those 'pinch me' type of moments... when you admire and find inspiration in someone who lives on the other side of the world and never expect to meet. 

but then you actually do....

"we caught a taxi into the City Hall for me to meet a long time Blogger / Scrapbooking friend Sian Fair (From High In The Sky). From the early beginnings of our trip Sian and I had kept in contact with the hopes of a catch-up. Its always difficult on a cruise as time in a port is limited and I held my fingers crossed for months hoping it would work out. I felt so thrilled when we made a time and place....and so grateful that Sian could make the time to meet me.... little old Mardi from down under.

We were waiting outside the city hall a little early...scanning the crowds waiting for Sian to appear...my heart skipped the moment she approached...it was surreal and Sian was just as I imagined... the sweetest  little package with the most musical Irish voice. (such a contrast to my booming ockerish aussie voice...oh well..we are what we are)"

It was a true highlight of this trip....and wont be forgotten.... lucky lucky me. 

I have also added in posts about our day in....
Southampton - England
Guernsey - Channel Islands England
Cobh /Cork - Ireland
Dublin - Ireland
Liverpool - England
Belfast - Itreland


  1. I said it on your travel blog and I'm more than happy to say it again..I'm the lucky one! You could have been doing any number of other things, but you chose to meet up with me and I'll always remember that

    1. I feel exactly the same way... xx

  2. What a lovely post. Nice when two friends can meet. Once again, we need to say thank you to blogging, the internet & such. :)

    1. I agree totally... the amazing power of blogging...craft and sisterhood. x