J O T - Issue 15

5 September 2016

Breaking my blogging drought to pop in and mention ...

Its an absolutely amazing issue...
I hope you enjoy it as much as we (Kim...Jot girls and contributors) do.

You can read it for free....HERE


  1. How cool it was to spot us together in Jot! Thank you so much for your lovely words: it was lovely being able to remember our time together and fun to "appear" in Jot again

    1. I wondered if you would 'spot' us! While I have the chance I need to tell you....I've been totally loving your pages of late... they stream through my IG feed and each and every one stops me in my tracks. I have been so un-creative with paper (and blogging) of late that I am loving more than ever the buzz I get from seeing awesome pages from you. mwah x