J O T Mood board January 2017

10 January 2017

....and HERE WE GO!
First Jot Mood Board Challenge for the year.
I had mentioned to the Jot Team that with Brionys wedding only weeks away that I was on a bit of a scrapping hiatus.... my attention has definitely been turned in other directions.
But how could I resist this mood board.... and I had the perfect story to tell.

This boy ALWAYS wears his pants with the zip at the back... 
no matter how many times you turn them around...he whips them off and turns them around.

...and just so you can see the mood board inspirations....here she is..

I hope you can join us and play along...

1 comment

  1. Well you certainly nailed the colour pallet. What a cute story about your son's pants ... when he's 25yrs old he will not thank you or will he ...

    I wonder if the metal button hurts when he bends over or is he a trend setter starting early re-inventing the style of pants! Yes it is good to record this now because when he is famous, you can show his start. :-)