On our plate #1

31 January 2017

Meal planning.... it was on my list to re-introduce as a habit.

So I kicked off this week with a plan... and it feels great!
It got me thinking about how successful its always been in the past... and I also recalled how some time ago I blogged a lot of my meal plans...and they were among some of my most popular posts.
(not popular by the standards of some....but for my little Blog they had a lot of visits.)

So I thought I might get back to some sort of regular sharing of our meal plans and recipes.
It also serves as a visual reminder for myself... and makes it easier to track down a recipe..especially those I have sourced online. It also reminds me to flip through my books and add interest to our plates instead of 5 days of lamb chops and veg. (which will still be on high rotation as it happens to be a stand-out fave of mine)

So this week I only planned a few specific recipes.... and it was all based around clearing our what we already had in the fridge and pantry. We all hate wastage right !!

There is only the two of us to feed most nights of the week... and I am trying to reduce a lot of the excess in my pantry and fridge/ freezer.. so for under $100 we will be eating well this week.

Garlic basil chicken with tomato butter sauce from -  Pinch of Yum (to use up homegrown tomatoes.. zucchini..basil  and squash)

Vietnamese chicken noodle salad - from the Thermomix recipe community (to use up cabbage..capsicum and coriander )

Mexican Tortillas - (to use up the delicious chilli beef Shaun made during their visit)

Pad Thai Salad - from the Londoner (to use up everything else)   *one of our favourites.

What I love about salads as mains is that they make fabulous lunches to pack for the following day.
I would also love to read any other posts like this.... I find them so inspiring....so please share a link if you do something similar / same so I can pop by and visit.


  1. like your blog Mardi, i have recently started a blog, I mostly put my cards and scrapbook layouts on for friends to see, but I like your blog as it has a bit of everything that interests me. Please keep going, i love your meal planning, perhaps because I know I should be doing that and its great to see someone else's dinners and what you are having...the list making, well that could go on forever, but if we write a list ...it makes it kind of accountable and eases the excess stuff in your head when its on paper! Blah Blah, sorry have rambled, but just want you to know that I read and enjoy your blog. Thank you. Yvette

    1. Thankyou so much for your lovely comment Yvette. I am so happy to hear you have started a blog as well... its a wonderful place to be able to share and jot thoughts hey. Its nice to hear I am not the only one who enjoys a peak into the meal planning process of another... I know when I am committed to it our week runs a lot smoother. I fall off the wagon from time to time though. Thanks again fir taking the time to leave a comment. Mardi x