L I S T - L O V E #3 - Still ticking off lists

21 March 2017

I used to think I would one day catch up....everything would be organised...simplified...and in order.
Every day I would follow a routine... a healthy one...Id be on top of everything in the kitchen...our meals would be splendid...and Id skip off to an exercise session...never missing a day.

My wardrobe would be sorted and scaled back to only the clothes that 'sparked joy'...Id have 40 items that I loved to wear all neatly laundered and ironed ready for any occasion.

Id be one of those people who dealt with mail as it came in the door.... neatly filing..responding...actioning...always making sure my schedule was planned...and all contingencies covered.

My memory keeping would be up to date.... Id have a system where I captured every memory... and I would know what style I loved...and Id just stick to it. I  would dream that my creative time would be like meditation ...not only was I documenting our life but I was also stretching my creative muscle just because it felt good.

Our financials would be all in order.... Id painstakingly research the best deals on banking...insurance...superannuation and health insurance... and although I had no illusions of being a great 'budgeter'...I though maybe we could have a game plan and try to stick to it.

My big dreams didn't stop there....I thought Id turn my garden into a productive permaculture oasis and grow as much natural...organic and healthy food as I could...

We would plan and travel as much as we could squeeze into our lifetime...

and I would make as much time for family as I could.

But life isn't really like that....

Simplifying is a work in progress... and some weeks I am just content to be reducing the amount of stuff I bring into the home.... no more groceries we don't absolutely need.... no more browsing stores for the sake of it.

Meal planning doesn't always go to plan ... Im just content with the fact they are healthy.

Exercise doesn't always happen....

My wardrobe needs a cull...and a refresh....and very little is ironed....

My garden is overgrown and an eyesore.... and the minute the pumpkins are picked Ill aim to get it back in order...

....and the list goes on....

So I guess it makes me very grateful for all the goals I have ticked over the last few weeks....slowly chipping away...crossing off as I go...

  1. Continue my Holiday Blog Posts.... I am up to Helsinki in Finland now...and so thankful for the lovely holiday book Donna made that has made it an easy short cut for the journal prompts.
  2. Still would love to finish my 2015 Project Life album.
  3. Make a wedding slideshow of Briony and Jarrads wedding.
  4. Begin the 'Konmari' process at home again.
  5. Make a wedding hardcover book of Mitch and Meg...and Briony and Jarrads weddings.
  6. Make a minimal craft stash
  7. Collect ' a Place to call home' from the library and watch it.
  8. catch up my office filing and put some advice from the Barefoot Investor into practice.
  9. Research and change banking accounts
  10. Compare health Insurance
  11. Get new quotes on insurance policies.
  12. Research and change phone and internet providers.
  13. Book some holiday destinations.
  14. Book some flights for Escape2Create
  15. Finish the holiday movie for our travel buddies.
  16. Investigate swapping to Wordpress for my travel posts.
  17. Send off my new printer cash-back and warranty
  18. Jot Mood Board layout
  19. Sort Winenbago cupboards
  20. Weed and prune the garden
  21. Make a handmade card stash 


  1. I hear what you are saying and agree with you. I have multiple lists, and if I get to cross anything off it is an achievement. I dream of retirement so that I can do all the things I want, but people tell me that doesn't happen either. Good to see you at the wedding.

    1. Thats it for sure...a real sense of 'ahhhh' when you draw a line through something...but as always another job just gets added to the bottom and the list goes on...and on...
      Oh yes retirement....Ive heard people say they have never been busier... thats a worry!
      Really lovely to see you too.... it all went FAR TOO FAST though...such a great night...and such a gorgeous couple.
      Mardi :)

  2. Ah yes wouldn't life be grand & unbelievably stress free if it went all according to plan & lists. This post made me smile that happy warm smile. My life (notice the if in the middle of life) is never ever (well just once) Plan A, which turns out that some of the Plan Q's turned out to be pretty fantastic. Keep simplifying & chipping away at those lists :)

    1. So true.... life throws curve balls and sometimes they turn out to be just what we needed..like little unexpected blessings.
      Im still chipping away ...and I love when I sit and reflect back that I can see progress.
      Hope you week has been a lovely one...Mardi x