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4 April 2017

Thankful for -  a lovely weekend away with family...and a few nights in 'Winnie' our Motorhome.

Reading - Stolen Time - by Sunny Jacobs  ( a true story ...  to be honest I sort of wish it was a little more condensed)

Watching - Very little at the moment... other than You Tube binges.

Podcasts - Inkie chat and EM Basic (for some work related knowledge extension and revision)

Inspired by - Bev from Iris May Style to get my wardrobe organised for the cooler weather.

Wondering - If I should take the plunge and join the #the100dayproject ...every year I watch others take part and yet I abstain because the '100 day' part scares me! 100 days is a bloody long time.
I did wonder if it would suit my little 'Frankie Diary scrap album' project that I started a week or so ago...I cold easily add 100 more random little pages to this. I may just have convinced myself.... really...what have I got to lose?

Making - a soft pink macrame wall hanging.

Paper crafting -  Layouts for Jot and Project Life March spreads....and my little Frankie scrap album pages.

Focused on -  Cleaning out....and purging my wardrobe.... including storing some lesser worn items in archive boxes on the top shelf.

Hoping to - lose a couple of kg...ahahaa 

Learning - that the less I have....the neater I keep it... the happier I am. 

Wearing - uniform and brand new work boots...  (blue steel zip side lace ups)... the sales lady said they are perfect for long shifts like at Maccas..... made me giggle to myself.

Drinking - Black tea

Wishfully wanting -  a pair or black Bohemian Traders drop crutch pants... I have a pair of trackies in this style that I have worn to death.

Planning- Holidays... some Winnie Motorhome travel this year.....and Alaska / Canada 2018

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  1. Another great list & a peek into your hopes & wishes. I too thought about joining in with the 100 projects, but the very thought of it overwhelmed, so I know it wasn't for me, this time around. Good luck if you do decide to join in. ... Mary-Lou