She graduated!

10 April 2017

I don't tend to write a lot of personal posts these days.... but weddings and graduations are a whole different story.
We were incredibly proud to sit among crowd at the Adelaide Convention centre and watch our beautiful girl collect her parchment.
The speakers on the day were so inspiring... one in particular Menna Rawlings touched me with her words and I wish that I could have etched them permanently in my mind.

Four years of hard work... late nights...early mornings... ridiculous travel schedules..assignments...and "I'm over this" calls.. as well as her consistent high achievements... school placements that brought her life long friends and mentors...a study trip to Jakarta. 
In  those four years she moved away to the city...then back to the country which meant a  250 km commute each and every week...sometimes twice.. she juggled .. bought a home..and planned a wedding... then scored a full time contract for a year which she started the same week she got married. 
To say we are proud is an understatement.

All of this time she had this wonderful supportive man by her side... he encouraged her..loved her...and made sacrifices to suit her schedule... he travelled miles for visits... mopped up tears and spent many a night alone while she poured over her laptop working on one assignment or another. He also shared her joy when assignments were sent in and grades came back. All of this while achieving his own success and building a life wonderful life together.

So proud of you both.


  1. Many many congratulations to her! What a beautiful picture.

  2. Congratulations to your daughter. Well done to the pair of them for seeing it through. As a Mum you must be bursting with pride. ... Mary-Lou

  3. Thanks Mary-Lou .. I am very proud of them both. X