Kids Crafting - Woollen softies

4 May 2017

The girls always love spending a few nights here over the holidays to do some crafting...they also take really long baths with bubbles and have pancakes for breakfast.

This holidays Bells arrived with her bag... her green blanket and an idea she had been brewing for quite some time. She wanted to make animals using the sewing machine. Of course Chook was more than keen to join in... anything that involves designing by hand is right up her alley. That kids loves to draw.

They began by sketching their design on paper...once they were happy with how it looked we cut it out of woollen fabric and added the details. I suggested Chook may like to scale hers down slightly but she was adamant that hers was to be full size. I had a chuckle at her tiny skinny chicken legs...although I assured her they were just fine.
They were easily sewn together with the stitching on the outside and then stuffed with poly fibre stuffing. They turned out so sweet...and they were both very proud of their creativity.

...and a few more shots... of Bells with 'Molly' and Chook with 'Odie'..

Happy kids... happy holidays... all created from scraps around the house...

Other crafting ideas we have had fun with are...
Paper roll people
Our own portrait colouring pages
Applique cushions
Canvas art
Hand painted playmat
Animal heat beanies


  1. what clever little chickens - love the macrame x

  2. What crafting geniuses you have in the family - those chickens will be treasures for years to come. Cool macrame wall hanging.