Memos, Mail and Me - New cotton rope and alpha stamps.

22 May 2017

Its been a while since anything exciting arrived in the post... and its an understatement when I say I was keen for these couple to arrive. 
I checked the mail box every day and even enquired inside just in case they had forgotten to put a 'parcel card' in my box.

The first package to arrive was a string order from 'Middle Aisle' .. its gorgeous 100% cotton in three different plys... and it didn't take me long to start cutting it into lengths ready to knot.

My next order was an eagerly awaited clear stamp set from Kellie Stamps...called Top Shop.  it was a 'pre-order'...  so my anticipation for its arrival had had weeks to brew. 
I had been coveting this set for so long ... but being the amateur I am with stamping...I had held off purchasing until now... I began to get a feeling the universe was telling me kept popping up in my IG feed time and time again... taunting me... in the end I knew I  had to order. 

I couldn't wait to get the stamps out of their packaging and begin playing...  a little more practice with the amount of pressure needed and Ill be stamping like a pro. (at least I hope so)

The very best part of both these purchases was the dialogue that followed with both Kellie and Maggie May...its so lovely to be able to support 'real people' in small business... and spread some crafty love no matter where your crafty passion lies.

Its been awhile but I'm joining in again with Sian and the Memos. Mail and Me prompt this week.


  1. What lovely treats both your parcels contained. I can't wait to see your latest macrame projects.

    Wishing you a week of happy stamping!

    1. Thanks so much Sian.... I think crafty mail is up among the best kind possible. So keen to get to days off so I can play.

  2. Oh those block letter stamps would make some lovely word art ... oh can't wait to see the finished macrame creation ... isn't creating something from a vision you get to finished results just the best way to start a week? Happy creating ahead.

    1. Yes! I agree...I can see those stamps getting quite a workout in my Project Life album... lovely statement cards.
      Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.
      Mardi x