Jot projects issue 18 - Making cards from scraps...

10 July 2017

A little while back I decided to condense my scrap-booking stash.... I felt like I was cluttered and having too much stuff was making me less productive. Thats the weird thing isn't it... having more felt like I had less.

On the scale of 'stash hoarders' Id say I'm pretty low... I honestly don't have that much...but just the sheer clutter of the packaging alone was overwhelming. 
So I thought perhaps colour sorting might work for me....  it was a big step...a  'cant go back' type of step.... but I did it anyway.

I went through all my sticker sheets... ephemera and bits and pieces.... and cut everything apart...and sorted into colour pots. Im not too worried about having it all separated...I have a fairly good idea who manufactures what...and some of it was so old it doesn't even matter anymore.

I have a red, pink, yellow / orange, brown, gold, black and white, white and a multicolored pot...and its so easy to reach for the colour Im after and sort through.

Then because I was all inspired by my lovely colour sorted supplies I sat and created a stack of clustered cards. These have been so handy.... Ive used them as Project Life cards (as seen below)... gift cards...and even on layouts. Its lovely to have something pre-made ready to go.

So from my little stash of pre-made cards came these Project Life cards as seen in Issue 18 of Jot Magazine...

I wonder if anyone else sorts by colour ? How do you find it?

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