Simply Mardi - Macrame on Etsy

4 July 2017

I've spent so much time this year trying to make things simple and easy... but I drove myself crazy with what to do with an overabundance of macrame pieces.

Ill spare the details of all my indecisiveness... my to'ing and fro'ing of ideas...and just say this...
I decided to keep my old store 'Dudley and Grace' just as it was.... a store for my unique stitched maps and little softie characters.... and open a brand new Etsy store 'Simply Mardi' just for my macrame... it has a whole different vibe... its calm ...peaceful and white... and lets be honest trying to make it fit my Dudley and Grace store just wasn't working.

The other little niggling thought holding me back was that I will not be mass producing store will probably never look 'stocked' ....but I've got over myself and I will just create as feel...and time permits ...purely for the love if it... and pop the odd one up to Etsy as I go.

I am so thankful for a couple of lovelies who purchased from me this last week.... these two pieces have made their way to new homes....



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