KIDS CRAFTING and a Layout..

26 September 2017

The girls love a school holiday project..... and usually it involves some type of stitching.. (Sometimes I groan as they outline their ideas because they think BIG!...but I do try to let them evolve their own plans without too much interference from me.)
Last holidays they made these dolls from white cotton .. a variation of the Woolen Softies they made back in April. They were pretty chuffed with them.

..... anyway... while we were away I had grand plans of scrapbooking.....I had visions of pulling up near a beach and scrapping the day away. In reality that didn't happen.... we were busy....we walked... and filled our days with experiences...and some days I barely took a photo let alone scrapped one.

However on one night in Innisfail.... the mood struck...and our caravan park was average.... so I tucked myself inside and created a layout. 
 Lucky I carted all those scrapbooking supplies to the top of Queensland after-all!

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