Just make something - DIY #1 - Fabric Produce Bags

1 November 2017

Plastic waste.... don't get me started.... its ridiculous. 
There has been many a conversation in our home over recent weeks about what we can 'actually' do about it ....when we are bombarded with it at every turn. 
I don't want my organic avocados to come on a foam tray with 3 layers of plastic wrap.... but Woolies thinks it knows otherwise. The head of the house thinks its  waste of time....and that eventually plastic will break down anyway....and he is of the belief that my reduction of single use plastic is only a drop in the ocean so a total waste of time. 
I would like to think if we all reduced..... we COULD make a difference.

I am in total awe of those who live zero waste..... I know for me it isn't achievable.... my goal is reduction.... and to just make better choices when I can.
So....in addition to my regular shopping bags (in South Australia we haven't had plastic shopping bags at the checkouts in years thankfully) I decided to reduce the amount of produce bags I bring home to zero.

Using an old 'net' curtain and some leftover macrame cotton offcuts I made some produce bags for my fresh produce.... I have been using these at the supermarket and finding the produce stores well in the fridge this way too.

 You may have noticed my 'Just make something' tag at the top....its my hope that  during this month I might tick a few of my 'want to make' jobs off my list.... lets see how I go.

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