Fresh start for the new year ahead.....

29 December 2017

Its the first year in quite some time that I have taken leave over Christmas and its been totally what I needed. I was able to make it to all the Christmas concerts... graduation ceremonies...and Christmas outings with the kids.

Plus its given me time to sort...clean and organise at home before the new year kicks off...and yes..I am back at work bright and early on January 1.

Not only have I purged and cleaned out cupboards.... (and its true...I found and gathered 14 bottles of hair conditioner into one place) ...but I have thought hard about how I store items...and my processes .... for example... just clearing out a space in the hall cupboard to store excess personal / household products has made it super easy to see what I've got.

It was actually really helpful to see what products I had on hand... and I wont lie...I was pretty chuffed to see almost all of them are natural no nasties ... anything that wasn't went to the bin.

Anyway...I'm off track.... part of my cleaning and organising led me to think about my social media presence... and my total inconsistency with 'branding' ... not that I need 'branding' as such....but with an Etsy store it is important you are visible online.... something that stands out as 'you'.

I am not skilled in design at all.... funnily I have friends who are AMAZING at it.... but not me. So after a few back and forth emails...and total confusion....I drew myself a mud-map... and worked out what I needed to change.....

Yes it was midnight when I finished last night..... I have tried to bring everything together... and I hope it works. Ive still got some Blog tweaking to go....and my Etsy store as well..... but its getting there....

I would love your thoughts and suggestions.... good or bad.


  1. love it! loks great. all new and sparkly. Happy New Year Mardi x

    1. Thankyou so much Jane....its nice to kick off with a fresh start. Wishing you and family the happiest of New Years also... xx