DoTERRA Essential oils...

6 January 2018

I am going to be totally honest here....
My feelings about essential oils have done a complete back flip.

If you had asked me 2 months ago about essential oils I would have rolled my eyes. That's the honest truth.
Two months ago I was here....

* I loved them in a diffuser as deodoriser in the home ... I owned a few oils that I had purchased from a woman at the gym... because she always smelt nice (They were Young Living brand)

* I had bought some oily products from a lovely Etsy store as gifts for my daughter...thinking they would be beneficial in her classroom full of teeny tots.

*I owned some random others from our health food shop ... I dabbed Tea tree on cold sores and removed sticky residue with Eucalyptus.
and that's about it.

Then my friend Kim Archer.... asked me if I would like to join a December Spoil Yourself Facebook event and learn some more about the DoTERRA oils she was loving.  I jumped at the chance to learn some more...and Kim kindly mailed out some samples so I could smell / use them throughout the event.

It was such an eyeopener... honestly...I felt like I was the sceptic in the room to begin with.... my sensitivities and allergies are real...and anything as potent as essential oils frightens me a bit.
However I started with baby steps...and I loved them.... I got obsessed with the way you could use them not only for wellness...but also in place of chemical laden home and personal care products.

There is a wealth of information and recipes all based around essential oils and I wanted to be play...learn and be part of it.

So I took the plunge and bought a collection kit.... and yes...I didn't sleep well for a few nights...I worried about the outlay....and so did the Mr...he wasn't exactly thrilled.
(It wasn't so much the cost of the collection kit that worried me / him... more so that I didn't want to spend money adding another thing to pile of 'products I can't or don't use')

However I am not regretting it at all!
The support as I am learning has been so lovely ... no questions are left unanswered...and the sharing of information and kindness has been a side benefit I hadn't expected.

Kim true Kim Archer style...has provided me with fabulous...easy to read resources... and Jodie York... is the sweetest most generous soul with her information and encouragement and I feel so lucky that through these oils I have connected with her.

So... my turning point was....
Easy Air   It worked like a wonder drug on the terrible coughs we had post a flu..not only for me...but for others in the family.

Peppermint and Lemon for my hayfever... I diffused it... and on two occasions when it was out of control I actually dropped it in water and drank it.... and it worked!
(That's me who said "I would never ingest them!")

I am careful.... and slow with their use.... I know Lavender is a huge no-no for I need to be mindful of reading labels...and also to find other oils to add to blends...but that's been the fun part... the reading and researching and the opening of my mind to the possibilities.

SO I'm excited about 2018 and all the ways I will be incorporating these amazing oils into my life.


  1. Easy Air is definitely my favourite Doterra oil, I use it so much! I didn't know about peppermint and lemon for hayfever, so I will diffuse that combination today Mardi :)

    1. I really love the Easy Air too Mel....and Balance. The hayfever remedy that Jodie swears by is Peppermint..Lemon and Lavender....I avoid the Lavender so didn't mention that..... but add it to your combo.
      Hope your baby girl is on the mend now ...xx

    2. Welcome to Doterra family, I was a sceptic too, but in the last two years so many times they have come to the rescue. My husband used to go through so much nasal spray and since making the peppermint lemon and lavender blend hasn't touched it. The on guard is great at aiding in the recovery from bugs and preventing them in the first place. Digestzen is amazing, I hadn't really used it and have since found how quickly it works with upset tummies and speeding recovery from stomach bugs. Enjoy the journey!

    3. Thanks Jen...Its so lovely hearing of the way the oils are being used and the success stories. Its particularly encouraging to hear 'Hayfever / Sinus success because I struggle with that a lot..particularly at this time of year.
      I have used the Digestzen a couple of times over the Christmas perios...just rubbed in topically.. I am still getting my head around how best to use them.

  2. I forgot to mention I couldn't handle any lavender in anything, until Doterra, I have no reaction at all, any other brands would give me an instant headache

    1. Oh thats are the second person who has mentioned that to me. I wish I wasn't so scared of it ...Id be tempted to try it.