DIY Hair Care - doterra

6 May 2018

I decided I’m going to try this thing called ‘styling’ ... me..  with my thin fine hair who has never owned a hair styling product in my life.


Its true.... I’ve never been one for product... I don’t like chemicals and I always feel that spraying them on my head doesn’t sit well with me. 

So this will be an interesting experiment.
I have made my own DIY HAIRSPRAY....
It was so simple.... 

1 cup of water 
4 teaspoons sugar 
In a saucepan bring to the boil until sugar dissolves and then cool.
In a 250 ml bottle add oils - I think I added 3 Geranium and 3 Rosemary then fill with the cooled sugar water. 

You can strengthen the hold by adding more sugar to the mix but I will see how this goes.

Has anyone made something similar?

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