D.I.Y Essential oil Clay bead Key chain and lanyard

6 December 2018

Looking for a super simple little gift idea?

Then what about making some Essential Oil Clay Bead Keychains??

I was lucky to have some ready made natural clay beads on hand.... they are raw and rough and absorb a couple of drops of Essential Oil so beautifully.

You can create your own Salt dough beads.....I came across a number of recipes online...but the basic recipe is simple -

Universal Salt Dough

  • Equal Parts Flour and Salt
  •  1/2 part warm water
    Mix all the ingredients - knead.
The Salt dough can be baked or air dried...from what I read air drying works well but can take a few days.


  • Salt dough / ready made beads / lava beads or a raw wooden bead. (A bead that absorbs the essential oil)
  • A thread / cord for the lanyard
  • a key chain ring 
  • Essential Oils


Thread your beads on to the cord... attach the ring or lanyard hook.
Apply Essential oils to the beads and allow it to absorb.
I used Spearmint and they still after days.... have a beautiful Spearmint aroma.
I would be mindful of the essential oils on the lanyard if you are wearing it against your clothes - maybe add the drop in an area that wont come in contact with the fabric.

If you would love some oils in your life.... please reach out so I can help. We love oils in our home... and living a simple and healthier life is so important these days when everything is so fast paced.... lets all live the best life we can.

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